This Stampede Of Baby Goats Might Be The Cutest Thing You See Today

About This Video:

Ever watched little goats, as they frisk and run eagerly? Just watch this small video with its cute baby goats as they play “Follow the Leader”. Just blind faith in their leader, is the attitude of these little goats as they run after the little ladies.

Its activity time in the morning and the girls lead their goats out for a small trot around the farm. The girls lead the way from the front. They start off with a slow trot and the goats bleat aloud in glee, at the early morning run. They are happy and they run eagerly, following the two girls. The goats run along. Some run fast, some are slow, but they just happily go along with all eagerness. They scamper across, running against each other, pushing and plodding against each other. It is a stampede, but a pleasant one, that stirs the heart in delight on viewing the video.

Once they reach the end, the girls turn around. The goats need no instructions. They immediately turn around. The ones which were fast turn along with the girls. The slower ones go right up to the end and then turn around. Some of the slow ones are smart. They turn around midway and catch up with others.

They are happy. They are not in competition, but are out for some fun. Its morning time, the grass is green, the owners are ahead and life is perfect for the little goats, as they run without any care in the world at the back of their little mistresses.

The girls are so familiar with the behavior of the goats that they do not even turn around to see if the goats are following. And the goats are very obedient. Just follow… follow. Turn and follow…one round… two rounds…. Third round… they are not interested in the counts, they run because their leaders are running. They are a herd and just stick together. It’s not a problem, if they hurt each other while running. They just need to follow their leader together.

The little shrieks of bleating with baa… maa… is awesome to hear and soothes the mind. It’s God’s command that the little goats follow their shepherd. It is what they are created for. That is their task and the goats are happy.

Look at the way some just jump up and down, as they run. They try to over-ride others, as they push past them. Some leave way, while some are just pushed aside for the faster ones. The white ones, the brown ones, the spotted ones, the fast ones, the slow ones are all adorable on the video. The girls are having a fun time too. It just uplifts the heart, at the speed with which the little goats follow, turn, follow and run. Run, run, we are all in it together, is the meaning behind all the bleats heard on the video. They are running because the little girls are running. Playing follow the leader is great for the little goats.

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